Monday, December 27, 2010

Tips for Dogs Fearful of Tiles/Floorboards

As pet owners we want to ensure our pet/s are healthy physically and mentally and as well-adjusted as possible to optimise their quality of life and happiness and the relationship between pet/s and owners.

Pet behavioural issues are common, however, so l thought why not share tips here to counter those pesky issues and improve everyone's happiness quota =) Feel free to email me any issues you want covered.


1. The sound of their nails on flooring may spook them

» Keep nails trim and filed

2. They may have slid on tiles when very young which has led to avoidance

» Praise them when they walk on tiles and use distraction to focus their attention elsewhere than on their fear

3. They may not have been exposed to slippery floors before

» Gradual exposure, not pandering to their fear and making the floor a fun and calm experience (toys, treats...) is the answer


Always be Positive, Patient and Encouraging when training your pet.

Put food bowl at edge of tiles, then move it over time further onto tiles (this is desensitisation, as opposed to flooding which can make dogs more nervous)

Put dog on a leash and walk back and forth over tiles – use treats as encouragement

Lie on the floor with treats and favourite toys and the dog will want to come onto tiles and play with you

Rugs with rubber backing or clear plastic runners with slightly sticky undersides can result in dogs feeling more secure underfoot

Doggy booties with traction may have your best friend running up and down the hall in no time =)

Paw wax from a pet shop can help reduce the slipperiness factor

Monday, September 13, 2010

Anti-Puppy Farm Rally Day

This Sunday, 19th September, at 12 noon there will be a Puppy Farm Awareness Rally at the steps of Paliament House in Spring St, Melbourne. Speakers include Derryn Hinch and Moira Rayner and animal welfare groups will be there in support of an accountable pet industry that doesn't include factory farming of puppies which leads to mistreatment of animals and a surplus of dogs. No doubt Hugh Wirth, the RSPCA Victoria President and veterinarian, will lend his vocal chords to the cause.
There will be food and stalls in the Treasury Gardens afterwards and people are encouraged to bring along their crowd-friendly dogs for a truly Dogs Day Out.
Check out for more details.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rory-n to go

If there were a canine World Cup, 11 year old Border Collie, Rory, would be an instant inclusion. He scores goals on all fronts: ball skills, enthusiasm, paw-eye coordination, agility and speed. His speciality is catching the ball after a jump that would have the crowd on their feet. Before play commences (on our walks several times a week), he hovers near the umpire –myself- and does some body stretches low to the ground. Then he paces to and fro, eyes focussed on the prized orange soccer ball, waiting for it to launch into mid air. Perhaps his most endearing quality, however, is his skill at winning over the umpire with after play schmoozing and general good spiritedness.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Georgy Girl

‘Swingin down the street so fancy free’ reminds me of Georgia the lab

I’ve just had my first house sitting/pet sitting assignment, which is a new service for Paw Friends. Georgia, the 5 year old chocolate Labrador, was a great initiation. The first few nights she slept in the cupboard by the bed, giving rise to some unusual bumps in the night. l missed her company when she thereafter resorted to the sofa. But then, first thing in the morning, puppy-like enthusiasm and tail wagging greeted me. After sleepy yawns, she took great delight in weaving under my legs and planting lots of good morning smooches, after which she insisted on taking the lead between her teeth and guiding me to the park. Once there, Georgia showed off her ball catching and running skills amongst the fairyland landscape of fallen autumn leaves, never failing to say howdy to some fellow dogs along the way. After so much adventure, evenings were spent contentedly snuggled by me on the sofa, head in my lap, watching for any motion of mine towards the fridge. I fell hard for puppy love and it was difficult parting.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coop the Pooch

Coop the Pooch has been a pleasure to mind and walk this weekend. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the news yesterday - which killed chihuahuas in Melbourne somewhere - gives a bad name to the breed. Coop, at any rate, is sweetness itself. His zippy, happy nature and boisterous exuberance is a breath of fresh air. He could run all day and loves socialising with other pooches. His smile never wanes. Thought he deserved a close up pic too.