Saturday, September 17, 2011

Graeme the 'rock star' cat gets his moment in the Sun

Feline trainspotter: Graeme the cat visits a Melbourne train station on the Hurstbridge line twice a day to drop off and pick up his owner. Check out this video from today (17 Sept '11) to witness his antics. I've seen Graeme with my own eyes so it was fantastic to learn more about him in today's Herald Sun. What a delight for commuters and his owners seeing him on the train platform, he would definitely brighten many a day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stars and Stripes

If Los Angeles is the land of celeb spotting, let's not leave our humble sidekick, the
pooch, out of that equation. And I don't refer only to Toto or Lassie lookalikes.

On a trip to LA last year, man's best friend made its presence felt wherever l went. Whether it was ritzy doggy day care centres in the more exclusive parts of town, where chihuahuas donned jewels, or this 'dude' pictured above left in the formerly run down, but recently glamified, Hollywood Blvd. Decked out in an LA Lakers basketball sweatshirt, this dog looked like a definite star, chillin' on the Hollwood Walk of Fame, only a hundred metres from Demi Moore's Japanese eatery. Later that day the starry eyed pooch graced my hotel TV screen in an episode of The Hills.

While in hip Melrose Avenue, I witnessed slim young humans enter a building for a 'Dog Bone' casting call. Hopefully a pooch was the star there.

And at the LA Farmers Market l discovered The Bakery for Dogs overflowing with treats tempting enough for human consumption. The Boxer Brownie was one of many that appealed to me. No doubt stars from nearby TV studios, where shows such as The Young and the Restless are produced, stock up here for their beloved pooches.