Thursday, June 10, 2010

Georgy Girl

‘Swingin down the street so fancy free’ reminds me of Georgia the lab

I’ve just had my first house sitting/pet sitting assignment, which is a new service for Paw Friends. Georgia, the 5 year old chocolate Labrador, was a great initiation. The first few nights she slept in the cupboard by the bed, giving rise to some unusual bumps in the night. l missed her company when she thereafter resorted to the sofa. But then, first thing in the morning, puppy-like enthusiasm and tail wagging greeted me. After sleepy yawns, she took great delight in weaving under my legs and planting lots of good morning smooches, after which she insisted on taking the lead between her teeth and guiding me to the park. Once there, Georgia showed off her ball catching and running skills amongst the fairyland landscape of fallen autumn leaves, never failing to say howdy to some fellow dogs along the way. After so much adventure, evenings were spent contentedly snuggled by me on the sofa, head in my lap, watching for any motion of mine towards the fridge. I fell hard for puppy love and it was difficult parting.